we provide comprehensive training


S - 100

Entry level fire suppression training with a classroom and field component, required for employment on wildfires.

S - 185

Most often paired with the S-100, the S-185 focuses on wildfire safety and entrapment avoidance. Proof of current S-185 training is also required for employment on wildfires.

S - 200

A requirement for those seeking type 2 wildland firefighter certification, the S-200 series is wide ranging and focuses on an array of topics such as fire environment, communications, heavy equipment operations, leadership and more.

Basic Chainsaw Operator Course​​

This two-day hands-on course with industry leading instructors is one of our most popular courses! Basic bucking, limbing, saw maintenance, chain filing and safe-work procedures and much more are taught during this course. This course creates a strong foundation for new operators, and provides valuable tips, skills and knowledge for those with prior experience.

Intermediate Chainsaw Operator Course

This 5-day course is one of a kind within industry, honing in on skill development past Basic Bucking with a heightened focus on slashing, hazard control and many other Intermediate Chainsaw Operator techniques. Highly recommended for those currently operating on fuel mitigation projects, Wildfire Risk Reduction projects, or those considering attending New Faller Training.

New Faller Training

We offer in-community New Faller Training delivered by industries top trainers. Our Project Managers will work directly with the client to create a strategy and training plan that supports the trainee(s), the community and the contributing service providers within it. Our New Faller Training is support focused from the moment we receive your call.

Faller Training Modules

Customized training packages such as helipad training, steep slope falling and much more. Our project managers will work directly with the client to create a strategy and training plan that best suits their needs.

First Aid Level 1/2/3

Whether it is for your employment, or for personal knowledge, we have you covered. Please reach out if interested.

Transportation Endorsement

Often paired with First Aid Level 1, this one day Transportation Endorsement course focuses on safe transportation of injured workers to medical aid.


WHMIS stands for the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System. WHMIS is a comprehensive Canadian hazard communication system that provides health and safety information on hazardous products in Canadian workplaces. Workers that use or could be exposed to these products need to be educated and trained on WHMIS.

Faller Supervisor Essential Course

Developed in-house by our industry leading supervisors, this course is a must for those that are looking to further develop the safety, culture and efficiencies within their workplace.


With a combined half-century of forestry experience, we provide comprehensive training in engineering, timber falling, scaling, equipment operation, and first aid. Equip your team with our expertise.